The Whole is More Than the Sum of its Parts 


We operate globally. We are driven by finding business solutions to social challenges  so as such we have no choice to operate on the entire planet. Solutions is our passion and creativity is the driving force which leads to our solutions. In fact, when we design our overall business strategy, we are not motivated by profits but by problem solving. We start with the question, how can we solve 'such and such a problem?'  In the case of our Aviation  Business Lines, The question was, how can we support the African people in being more productive, competitive and have economic prosperity? 

Haile Selassié already pondered this question as early as 1936  and founded Ethiopian Airlines in 1955, the year after I was born. His reasoning was simple. Africa is a large continent and its countries are also large. There is great spaces between the various communities and cities. African people are naturally entrepreneurial. No one has to tell the street vendors in every western city to be on post at 7 am selling cigarette lighters or umbrellas ...

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when it is raining. No one has to teach them to help people find parking spots in crowded cities, to increase their 'goodwill'. So Haile Selassié reasoned that the most immediate way to connect the people is through low cost air travel allowing people to literally fly over the natural obstacles  such as deserts, mountain ranges and long distances. 

One of our core businesses will therefore be Aviation, to include the entire vertically integrated package, that is; total maintenance, training, marketing and strategic partnerships. The Airline industry has a very high failure rate and the most expensive component and the hardest to control is the price of jet fuel, which accounts for 30% of the cost of operating an airline. To control this element we will invest heavily in Oil Refineries, strategically located throughout Africa in order to inexpensively fuel our aircrafts.


If we are assisting in moving people economically in the African context, then we must control the total experience, Going through airports in Africa is a challenge  and many airports once serving smaller communities are no longer operational. This is why business as a social solution is so important. As a business person, running an airport in a low density community is not sustainable economically. Since our objective is not bottom line driven but service and solution driven, we partner with the governments and take over the management and refurbishing of closed or outdated airports.  Airports, in our estimation, must be the hub of commercial opportunities for the local population. So each airport is also a museum, an art gallery, a mall, cinema and commercial center for the surrounding communities. So our Airports developed through PPP (Private Public Partnerships)and under BOT (Build Operate Transfer) arrangements are also a critical part of the economic stimulation objective.  

We must also vertically integrate into private transportation to and from the local communities and city centers to the airports. We must therefore invest in state of the art, bus, van and taxi transportation so that accessing the airport is efficient and safe. In most cases we will also need to intervene on the road and highway infrastructure to improve airport access. All these needs stimulate the local economy providing work for local firms which must higher people to do the jobs. 



No one needs to be convinced that Italian Ice Cream is an irresistible treat. Since the secret lies in the recipe, the machines and the overall process, it is the type of know-how that can be easily transferred through training in Italy with an expert partner. This therefore qualifies as an ideal investment for us to make in our campaign to create jobs.

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Our training facility will not only focus on the product, but will also have a retail outlet in our training city offering our trainees the opportunity to also work in a retail environment and have contact with the end clients. Our objective is in superior performance in everything we do  so when our trainees move on to their destined location, they have to be ready for Showtime. Each Gelateria will have 20 employees and our target will be 5,000 gelaterias worldwide carrying our brand. That is a total of 125,000 jobs for displaced people. This Sector does not only create jobs in the retail outlets but also in the preparation of the Raw Materials which will be done at various locations around the world, as well as our installation and maintenance crews.

We will place these stores in tourists destinations worldwide in countries with booming economies and we will negotiate the work permits for our Refugee running these operations with the local authorities.


We will partner with TIGER and CIE both for retail outlets as well as for the production of products to be sold in the stores themselves. The approach is identical to the Gelato Project except that we have a huge opportunity to create Specialised Production Villages. In these cases we will select villages where we have DON'T SHOOT and DON'T CUT objectives and we will work with the Village Chief to transfer know-how for the production of certain articles. We will provide the Capital Investment in machines, work out the logistics with local firms, provide the training and negotiate the supply contracts.  The inclusion in our Program will be strictly tied to the village promoting and adhering to our DON'T SHOOT and DON'T CUT objectives. We strongly believe in creating financial incentives and education for encouraging the local population to locally promote and police undesirable behaviour. 



This model will be applied in all our areas of interest, requiring our ability to raise capital, train people and deploy rapidly into foreign countries. We do not like the term foreign country.  All countries are foreign and all people are foreigners. If you leave your home and go to another country, you become a foreigner.  If you are doing this by force, you are a refugee. The second we all begin to view the Earth, Gaia as one system, then we will stop the non-sense of labeling people based on their entry point to Gaia and start taking on global solutions mindful that anything that happens to the least of our human and animal family, has an impact on all of us. This is not religion, this is just thinking about our children. One of the causes of the mass exodus we see today to Europe from Africa started during the Colonial Era. 




The future of life as we know it on Earth is in our hands!


Muhammad Ali

R.I.P.:  Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they have been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a challenge. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary.  IMPOSSIBLE  IS NOTHING !


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