Our Business lines are designed to make an impact in the areas we believe will do the most to stimulate Economic Growth and Unleash the innate instincts of Africans and Middle Eastern people to do business. As such we focus on Low Costs internal transportation interconnecting the interiors of the countries on the African continent with the cities as well as promoting safe and low cost travel options among the African countries.

We subdivide our business Lines in Africa into four Categories: International, Urban Africa, Rural Africa, Rural and Urban Africa. We will partner with other to address the challenges in other areas of the world.

Our philosophy is job creation and ownership of our companies, to provide us with the decision making power to impact company policy on human resource, thereby giving us the chance to provide career opportunities to the groups of people who have been traditionally discriminated against.

Just like people, crayons and colored pencils are all similar but no two are the same. Everyone must determine for themselves the degree to which they want to be Individually Responsible  for the world we live in or any small part of it. People are out there with concerns and just waiting for someone to lead them.

Three things are needed to create a tribe:

  • You need to challenge the status quo. Something that needs change, something that just could be done better.
  • The second element is to know who you are connecting
  • And the third element is to know who you are leading.

This is why you need many tribes so you pull in all these skill sets and you mix them, tribalmixing!

 Tell me about your tribes and how they make you unique!


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