Next Generation Team

The Whole is More Than the Sum of its Parts


Nicole Godani

Law Graduate

not yet a lawyer




Educated in  Law,   Nicole received her law Degree from the University of Pisa in October 2014 at the age of 24. Her interest is in Tax Law, Banking Law and Corporate Law and studied with contemporary law luminaries, constitutional experts who worked on the recent amendment of the Italian Constitution and international lawyers who worked for the European Community, and the Chinese Government. 2017 and she is presently completing a Masters in Finance at Boston College. She will then work with an important Law Firm in the USA.
She participated on a student political group while at university, which protected student's rights and she represented students' political interest to local and national authorities as a member of the Department of Law and of the General Council of Students. In 2012 she worked for the Consules Association, which prepares students every year for NMUN (National Model United Nations) Program, a United Nation Program giving students an opportunity to work at the U.N.
In October 2013 she worked as a trainee for two months at the Midtown Criminal Court in New York City with Judge Felicia Menin. In November 2014 she moved to London, with an Erasmus scholarship, and worked as a trainee for four months at B&M Law, a Law Firm based in London where she improved her ability in Tax and Corporate Law. In March 2015 she moved to Rome, where she presently lives and works as a Junior Associate at the Law Firm, ‘Studio Pierallini’, specialised in Aviation Law and especially in the Aircraft Finance. Nicole's family has been in the Fashion Business since 1936 and her wealth of contacts and experience are vast. In a country where even the most successful businesses have completely given up on attempting to navigate the complicated web of illogical business and tax laws, Nicole finds it a challenge and enjoys operating in Italy. She speaks Italian, English and is studying Russian.

Abdoulaye Yero Diallo

Agricultural Engineer




Abdoulaye is my African Son. He is not my biological son but African tradition allows us to take people as family members. He took me as his second father so I have taken him also as my son. He is an Agricultural Engineer, has a potato farm and presently works in Telecommunications in Sales and Marketing. He is very smart and an excellent problem solver.
Since we will invest heavily in Aviation, I offered him the opportunity to become our Aviation Expert attending training courses in Africa, Europe and the US for the next 4 - 5 years as well as on the job training with all our technical partners. He will spend time with our Engine Partner in Germany, with our Painting Partner in France and with our interior Partner in Portugal. His first training will be in Ethiopia at the Aviation Academy founded by Haile Salisse, who in his great wisdom, understood since 1936, the importance of Aviation in Africa.
We are just taking his work one giant step forward and we take no credit for this. If a people cannot connect quickly an efficiently within their own country, they are at a comparative disadvantage. We are just creating a level playing field so that the African can unleash her own entrepreneurial abilities.
Even in the year 2015, I have met people in PISA, ITALY who do not believe that Black People can be Engineers, top players in Hollywood, like Rashon, worked at the World Bank like Abdoul or contemplate creating Financial Platforms to move billions in funding. I have been labeled at the limit of reality, (a euphemism for CRAZY) in Pisa for mentioning such things. 

Fatoumata Bintou Diallo

Computer Science Engineer 





Educated as an Engineer and Information Management and Technology Specialist, Fatoumata will be our Sabre Software Expert and specialise in Aviation Software. Abdoulaye and Fatoumata were married about three years ago and have a young child, so it will be important to coordinate their assignments so they are always both in the same place.
Their first three years will be intensive training internationally. They will study Aviation in Ethiopia and then gain experience with our technical partners in Germany, France and Portugal. Ethiopian Aviation Academy is the training division of the Ethiopian Airlines Aviation Group. Since its inception, the Academy has proved itself to be a center of excellence in developing skilled workforce for operational divisions of not only Ethiopian Airlines but also the wider African aviation industry. Due to the Airlines’ commitment for developing qualified aviation professionals, the Academy has continuously expanded both in capacity and staffing over the years.  
Ethiopian Airlines was founded on December 30, 1945, by Emperor Haile Selassie with assistance from TWA. It commenced operations on April 8, 1946, with a weekly service between Addis Ababa and Cairo with five Douglas DC-3 propeller-driven aircraft.  Although it relied on American pilots and technicians at the beginning, by its 25th anniversary in 1971 Ethiopian Airlines was managed and staffed by Ethiopian personnel. In 2007, Ethiopia Airlines provided basic pilot and aviation maintenance training to trainees from African countries including Rwanda, Tanzania, Chad, Djibouti, Madagascar and Sudan. Other training was given to employees of Kenya Airways, Air Zimbabwe, Bellview Airlines, Cape Verde Airlines and Air Madagascar. Ethiopian Airlines has code share agreements with: South African Airways, Lufthansa, TAAG-Angola Airlines, Gulf Air, Air One, Brussels Airlines, British Midland (BMI), Rwanda Air, and Saudi Arabian Airways.
 Gaia Tiziana Samuel

President Trainee




In 2014 at eight years old, Gaia announced that she wanted to be the president of Tribalmixing International  Swiss Trust. I told her that it would be a difficult job, and in addition to managing the business, she would also be responsible for her siblings and other family members. In addition I told her she would need to speak many languages and be an excellent student since she would have to learn many things.

She accepted the challenge, and now at eleven years old, has continued to get almost perfect grades in her classes, taken over the management of my personal finances and is already accomplished in writing and reading Arabic. She is fluent in Italian and studying English. She excels in rhythmic gymnastics and was third in nationals in 2016, Regional Vice Champions in 2017 and qualified for all three of her events. 

I treat Gaia like a Princess. I open doors for her. We cook together. We do art together. We ride bicycles together and we discuss business and strategy together, and we go to the gym together. When she needs discipline I discipline her and I always seek feedback from her to make sure she understands the 'why' underlying everything we do. She particularly loves the pedicures I give her and prefers sleeping on the couch so she can be close to me while I work at night. She fully understands and appreciates  that my work is an investment in her future and the future of many people in this world.

Since you learn to walk by walking, I think she will learn to be president by starting now to do the things a president does.


Rashia Khan


Rashia Khan presently works directly with the President of Micro World in Torrence, California. Micro World is a Certified Microsoft Solution Provider and a Novell Solution Provider, serving the IT Industry for more than 2 decades. Her responsibilities include Administrative as well as Accounting functions. She will work with BenGee as the business side of our Communication effort. She will also work with our CFO, Financial Engineer and CEO. The objective is to give her the training necessary to be a future CFO. We agree with Richard Branson, 'Train your people so well that everyone wants to steal them from you. Treat them so well that they will never leave.'
Rashia is a Team Player  and tends to coach her team mates toward the realisation of their objectives. This ability is of immeasurable importance since our results are a function of the performance of the team members. We have high expectations and an important part of her experience is being around a father like Rashon.



China Market Head


Lianmin is only 21 years old and when asked to provide me with her CV she told me that she is only 21, had been living in Italy for 4 years and had only one job working for her aunt making uniforms for a German Police Department. So let me pad her CV. Lianmin is young and Chinese and spent the better part of her teenage years in Italy. This means that she is technologically savvy, has an intimate knowledge of two extremely different cultures, speaks and writes Chinese, English and Italian....and is stylish!
She manages all our communication with Mr. Xu in Mainland China. Mr. Xu is a retired Military Officer, who raised more than $2 billion dollars in Chinese capital for the first phase of the development in Dubai. China is the number one Luxury market in the world and will therefore play an important role in the development of our Luxury products and services.
We will be establishing a Financial Platform in Hong Kong and she will be involved in that process from the beginning to the end. It is very important in our organisation to transfer both know-how and contacts to our younger Team Members as soon as possible and give them opportunities to make mistakes. Lianmin is a very important member of our team and has been working with us on a per need basis for about 12 months now. 
 Stefania  Fresi


Law Graduate





Educated in Private Sector International Law, she had a brilliant academic career followed by a variety of professional experiences. Stefania's biggest asset is her sensitivity and her extreme sense of justice. Sometimes considered a defect in Italy, this is the very quality that we most appreciate in her.  She is from a large close knit military family from Sardegna and grew up with lots of multi-cultural and multi-racial contact.  
She has organised events and worked in tourism but her guiding light always steers her in the direction of socially conscious work with a strong concern for the less fortunate members of the human family. She spent time in London, which gave her a broader view of the realities of life and the challenges many people face in their daily survival. She has excellent communication skills and understands the importance of participating in the effort to promote social and economic wellbeing to persons living in undeveloped regions of the world.
She will be rotating among our various Business Divisions to get a broad experience of our Business Lines and to be able to have a Big Picture View of our overall operations. She is the Head our Legal and Business Affairs. Like all our Next Gen Team, she will gain her experience by taking on responsibility immediately and given many opportunities to make mistakes. Much of what we do is new to all of us and if we do not make mistakes we are not trying hard enough.
We are grateful that she decided to take on this challenge and adventure with us and we have full confidence in her ability and judgement.

The future of life as we know it on Earth is in our hands!


Muhammad Ali

R.I.P.:  Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they have been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a challenge. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary.  IMPOSSIBLE  IS NOTHING !


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