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Abandoned People: 

A remote Italian village in the hills of southern Italy named, RIACE, has figured out the obvious of using their empty and abandoned spaces to assist with the problem of immigration. This is the first step. The second step is to turn these remote villages into economic centers. The model is for existing  low cost outlets like IKEA to create production units in such places, teaching a village to specialize in the production of one product. The production know-how and equipment must be brought into such areas and training provided. This type of vertical integration uses business as a solution to social challenges and allows the funding of the immigration crisi to be shared across a multitude of commercial markets. This is the model that tribalmixing will use and there is no reason that this model cannot be applied immediately in places like RIACE, to create long term employment for the inhabitants, many of them refugees and repopulate the town which has been dying for 4 generations. 

terreni gratisai migranti aperto mercato agricolo a pisa

All problems come complete with the solution and it takes faith and confidence and a good memory to know, without a doubt, that there is a solution on its way and you will find it. I learned this lesson in Ghana where I had several mining concessions and spent the better part of my time in the 'bush', interior of the country. Everyday we had a challenge. Some days it would be more serious than others but in any event, I could count on having at least one a day. I was with Maxwell Doncor and his father was a Timberman so as a result Maxwell had lived throughout the country and knew people just about everywhere. These problems ranged from saving a life, to sitting in jail. Though both very instructive and confidence building, saving lives is much more fun and rewarding than sitting in an African jail.

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We never panicked when we had a problem as we knew that each problem comes with its twin, the solution. One night we were on our way to Dunkwa driving through a forrest when the car got stuck. The clutch was already in bad shape and attempting to unstick the car completely ruined it. The motor spun freely without delivering the torque to the ground and it was pitch black on the dirt timber road in the middle of the forrest.  The adrenaline was pumping and with  a smirk on my face, I was thinking to myself, 'let's see, how are we going to get out of this one?'  Just about then, Maxwell said, 'ok, let's go in that direction' and Maxwell offered no explanation. Ghanians would amaze you by their night vision, it could be pitch black and they could recognise people at 100 meters 

Within 15 minutes we were in a sleepy village and Maxwell walked to a door in the center of the village and knocked. To my surprise, we were greeted by a friend of his and offered a place to sleep and water to bathe. Solutions always found us so I never really ever worried as I quickly learned the Secret of Problems. Problems and Solutions Move in Pairs. With me, problems always came to give me a life's lesson and as soon as I figured out what the lesson was, the problem would disappear, aided by the appropriate solution. I learned that the important thing in the face of a problem, was to not be afraid and to pay very close attention to see the reason the problem presented itself in the first place and what was the lesson. 

The Art of Problem-solving:

I learned too that problem solving is as much a spiritual undertaking as it is logic and common sense and that the main thing was to expect a solution and stay still and attentive to recognise the solution when it presented itself.  It seemed that the more I did this the better I became at problem solving. The better I became  -  the more I was always sure that a solution would present itself. 

 Do keep in mind, however, that according to Einstein, it does not take a genius to solve a problem. The genius lies in avoiding the problem.

 people without homes ready to provide work



There is a hotel down the street from where I live in Livorno where refugees are housed. They have been there now for 8 months waiting for their papers. Everything in Italy is slow. Two days a week they go to Italian lessons. The rest of the week they do nothing. Many of them have asked me to help them find a job. Not even young Italians can find jobs, but at least they simply stay with their parents till they find a job or marry.

There are more than 6,000 abandoned historic visions. I am going to propose a Project called OJT Charter Sites. (On the Job Training). I will find the funds to rehabilitate these selected Abandoned Villages. We will get our architect, Simone Micheli, to design the project. We will hire competent General Contractors to do the work. We will put up temporary structures at the site. The contractors will be required to also give formal classes for all the various task necessary to complete the restoration of the project. The classes will include theory and practical working experience.

Classes will also include the planting and the taking care of organic crops where land is available. These courses will be administered by Alessandro Colombini, BIO-COLOMBINI.  Italian classes will also be given. Meals will be prepared on-site and temporary quarters will be setup, similar to a military operation for, housing and feeding the crews and refugees and providing offices and classrooms. 

This will allow otherwise idle Refugees, to enter into OJT Programs where they learn marketable skills, begin to build their CV with real experience, have an opportunity to use and study Italian, restore otherwise abandoned properties and entire villages and are housed in rural areas for several months while waiting for their documents. Once completed and based on the characteristics of each village, we can decide if we will sell the properties on international markets, create timeshares, rent them or use them as housing for the refugees.

We can also transform the abandoned village into Sustainable Villages by setting up production facilities for items to be sold through our DON'T SHOOT - DON'T CUT STORES, or the TIGER STORES network. Once in our Network, and after finishing training courses, Refugees have an opportunity to gain status as a Refugee Diplomat Citizen. Such persons are expected to set a positive example and can now apply to work in any of our facilities worldwide, or enter into training for positions we create worldwide.  

This program relieves some of the pressure the European Community faces with the large influx of refugees, housing them in otherwise abandoned areas, while providing them with training, work and room and board.

The future of life as we know it on Earth is in our hands!


Muhammad Ali

R.I.P.:  Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they have been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a challenge. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary.  IMPOSSIBLE  IS NOTHING !


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