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God Bless The Child Who's Got His Own
  • Sustainable
  • Efficient
  • Sufficiently capitalised
  • Tribal Mixing
  • Open minded
  • Nation building
  • Embracing failure
  • Positive social impact
  • Create jobs
  • Responsible to the community
  • Innovative
  • Team oriented
  • Business infrastructure
  • Think different
Keep Your Friends & Family Close - But Keep Your Money Tribe Closer

Our Projects are Socially Conscious for Profit Operations.  We do not call things what they are not as it is a sort of non-speak  that we choose not to  engage in. Non-profit are for hobbies and people with too much free time and money. For an operation to be independent and long lasting it has to be profitable. First we focus on the Business Infrastructure that benefits all. Innovative Electrification Solutions readily available today. Internal Communication, Airplanes to connect the countries internally, Buses, Trains, Roads, etc. The value of healthy nutritious GMO FREE food production and preparation is also of critical importance. Fashion Industry Support. Oil Refineries. Cocoa Refinery. Green Energy Manufacturing support. 

This is the Tribal Mixing Business Model no limits, no boundaries, no discrimination. In Trinidad this is called Callaloo,  a dish resulting from mixing an assortment of different foods and if the beauty, creativity and the variety of the people of Trinidad is any indication of the result of Tribal Mixing, then Callaloo  it is! It is our experience that any form of tribalism,  though attractive to the beneficiaries in the short term, is devastating to all in the long run.  Take the modern immigration problem in Europe. Those who plundered AFRICA  in the relatively distant past were not thinking about their own grandchildren who are now faced with solving a problem created hundreds of years ago. We Think Long Term. We Think Sustainable.

Keep your friends and family close, but keep your Money Tribe Closer. Ron Samuel


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