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Diplomatic Training 

From Refugee to Model Citizen Diplomat 

The Tribal Village is a Comprehensive Living System where refugees arriving in Italy are received in our facility. Again the only way to get things donerespect her web rapidly is to find a for profit angle. Our reception villages serve as training facilities to rapidly get Refugee Citizens their status as Model Citizen Diplomats and get them placed in one of our permanent communities in Africa and beyond. Our support does not end with a job but is holistic in nature, taking into consideration their needs for a home, social and religious activities. Our placement therefore takes all these factors into consideration.

There are many abandoned medieval towns in Italy sitting on land that can be rich agricultural assets. We can acquire some of these properties and transform them into commercial learning centers and cultural destinations. When refugees arrive, they are enthusiastic, want to learn and want to get on with their lives. We can receive some of them in these facilities where they immediately begin working at one of the jobs necessary for the day to day management of the facility. The day to day management has all the needs of any community and new arrivals typically will start on a level one job, agriculture, cleaning, maintenance etc.

As can be well imagined, such communities are rich in cultural differences and we will use this characteristic as an asset, promoting culture, drumming, singing, painting and all the art forms as an attraction for tourists to visit these communities. Food prepared from agriculture grown by our Refugee Citizens will be prepared and made available very inexpensively. The key is to create a new community for these Survivors as soon as possible, to replace the void left from their uprooting that brought them to our shores. We treat them as assets and not as burdens.

They are given aptitude testing in their own language and meet with career advisers to decide a career for them that is in demand in our group of companies or in our extended networks. Following testing they are enrolled in course to improve the accepted level of competence necessary to perform the job. Once they complete their training they receive the title of Model Citizen Diplomat. A Model Citizen Diplomat must represent our Village and their community of origin in an exemplary fashion. They must become respected in their new communities and must be a force in helping others settle their lives.


The future of life as we know it on Earth is in our hands!


Riace Case Study

RIACE - The Italian Town That Loves Immigrants  

A remote Italian village in the hills of southern Italy named, RIACE, has figured out the obvious of using their empty and abandoned spaces to assist with the problem of immigration. This is the first step. The second step is to turn these remote villages into economic centers. The model is for existing  low cost outlets like IKEA to create production units in such places, teaching a village to specialize in the production of one product. The production know-how and equipment must be brought into such areas and training provided. This type of vertical integration uses business as a solution to social challenges and allows the funding of the immigration crisi to be shared across a multitude of commercial markets. This is the model that tribalmixing will use and there is no reason that this model cannot be applied immediately in places like RIACE, to create long term employment for the inhabitants, many of them refugees and repopulate the town which has been dying for 4 generations. 

There are many dying towns in Italy. There are many artisan taking their art with them to the grave. The refugees can be a solution for both the dying communities and can eagerly learn the arts and crafts that Italy is famous for, but which is not being transmitted to the youth. Out of this crisis, we can find a solution where everyone wins.

terreni gratisai migranti aperto mercato agricolo a pisa

With such a town as Riace, we would ten invest to transform the Town into a Production Unit supplying out chain of Tiger Style or Dont Shoot stores. This completes the model thereby producing items in Riace which are then sold through our network of stores This is exactly why it is necessary for us to control the process from beginning to the end. In business speak, this is called 'VERTICAL INTEGRATION. Through our control of the entire process we make fast decisions, equip REACE and create jobs immediately for products that already have an outlet. 

homes without people that need work



The future of life as we know it on Earth is in our hands!



Muhammad Ali

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