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The Business is a Team Sport

Rashia Khan


in training

Rashia Khan presently works directly with the President of Micro World in Torrence, California. Micro World is a Certified Microsoft Solution Provider and a Novell Solution Provider, serving the IT Industry for more than 2 decades. Her responsibilities include Administrative as well as Accounting functions. She will work with BenGee as the business side of our Communication effort. She will also work with our CFO, Financial Engineer and CEO. The objective is to give her the training necessary to be a future CFO. We agree with Richard Branson, 'Train your people so well that everyone wants to steal them from you. Treat them so well that they will never leave.'
Rashia is a Team Player  and tends to coach her team mates toward the realisation of their objectives. This ability is of immeasurable importance since our results are a function of the performance of the team members. We have high expectations and an important part of her experience is being around a father like Rashon.
Funding and finance are our strengths so we prepare for the future today nourishing our C LEVEL officers from the start and as a priority.

Gaia Tiziana Samuel


in training 




In 2014 at eight years old, Gaia announced that she wanted to be the president of Tribalmixing International  Swiss Trust. I told her that it would be a difficult job, and in addition to managing the business, she would also be responsible for her siblings and other family members. In addition I told her she would need to speak many languages and be an excellent student since she would have to learn many things.

She accepted the challenge, and now at eleven years old, has continued to get almost perfect grades in her classes, taken over the management of my personal finances and is already accomplished in writing and reading Arabic. She is fluent in Italian and studying English. She excels in rhythmic gymnastics and was third in nationals in 2016, Regional Vice Champions in 2017 and qualified for all three of her events. 

I treat Gaia like a Princess. I open doors for her. We cook together. We do art together. We ride bicycles together and we discuss business and strategy together, and we go to the gym together. When she needs discipline I discipline her and I always seek feedback from her to make sure she understands the 'why' underlying everything we do. She particularly loves the pedicures I give her and prefers sleeping on the couch so she can be close to me while I work at night. She fully understands and appreciates  that my work is an investment in her future and the future of many people in this world.

Since you learn to walk by walking, I think she will learn to be president by starting now to do the things a president does.

Aissatou Barry 

 Chief Family Officer 

 will occupy this role






DON'T CUT is our Project to bring attention to Female Genital Mutilation  (FGM) which impacts more than 130 million girls and women. Aissatou Barry is not a model. She is 26-years-old. She is a college graduate with a degree in International Affairs.   When we travelled to her brother's store in her country, Guinea - Conakry, we did so in her family's Mercedes Benz, with a driver. She is an expert in FGM, (Female Genital Mutilation), a subject matter that continues to persist in 27 African countries, Yemen, Iraqi Kurdistan, in parts of the Middle East and Asia and among diaspora communities around the world, including but not limited to; USA, UK, SCOTLAND, AUSTRALIA, FRANCE and others even in the year 2015. Aissatou has pledged her life to the total eradication of this problem. It is not true that FGM victims are poor, uneducated and come from the fringes of society.
Aissatou became an Expert in Female Circumcision because she was cut, ... circumcised ... mutilated, at the tender age of 9 or 10. Besides all the psychological, health and self esteem challenges that are a consequence of being circumcised - in her case, she also decided to leave her country and restart her life in Paris. 
She will work with us to design and implement Educational Programs in local languages in areas where this practice is still prevalent, to educate people of the traumatic consequences of these practices. Videos, posters, TV spots, and music videos will be used to open discussions about this custom and to protect young girls from this life changing practice. In addition, she will Head Programs to treat women and girls who need special care as a result of FGM and will also work with networks worldwide to provide assistance to women who have fled their countries as a result.
We believe that when you educate a man you take care of a family, but when you educate a woman, you take care of the world. In fact, our NEXT GENERATION TEAM, is predominantly women for that very reason. Family is the building block of society so we focus our attention on getting women into key roles. (SEE MORE ON FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION).
The Role of Chief Family Officer is therefore one of the most important roles in our organisation and helps us to always focus on the impact all our decisions have on family and women.

Ron Samuel 















'Asking me why I do this is like asking the heart's tissue why it beats. It is all it knows how to do.' Educated as an Economist at UCLA and Radio and TV Engineer at Don Martin School of Broadcasting in Hollywood, California, he is a contract professor teaching English and Communication Courses at a corporate level and in professional universities to include ENEL University and G.E. (General Electric) University in Italy. Though his background is varied including the Fashion Industry in Milan, Miami and NYC and the Entertainment Industries, his passion has always been in the arena of project development for the Rapid Economic Development of 'so called' Third World Countries. To this end he has authored many studies and projects which have caught the attention of African leaders and top business people.
He has designed the strategy to network with Financial Platforms necessary to provide meaningful investments in Africa geared to the types of companies that provide the infrastructure necessary for Rapid Economic Development. He has now made contacts with one important fund for Humanitarian Projects and is in work-in-progress with a few African countries presently.
He has worked with the Italian Military, ENEL GREEN POWER, the largest supplier of alternative energy in the world, and has also worked with other multi-nationals such as PIAGGIO, General Electric, Guidotti Labs, Esso/Exxon and SGS to name a few - though phasing this work out now. He owned and managed several gold mining concessions in Ghana, West Africa, through his company Gaia Goldfields, gaining valuable experience in doing business in the African context. He worked in the Fashion Industry as a Fashion Photographer in Milan and Miami Beach. He was called on to also do several important campaigns as a Model and played American Football on Giorgio Armani's team the Seamen.
His deceased father was a Civil Engineer who worked on large Infrastructure Projects in the USA, like Giant Stadium, the Las Vegas Sewage System, the Newark Airport Complex and the Connecticut Hospital, to name a few. He learned a lot as a child watching his father prepare bids for important contracts and asking many questions. Daddy would always say, 'you can make a mistake on the estimate, but you cannot forget line items.'
I come from what I would consider a very dysfunctional family  that operates like a club. If you toe the party line you are in, if you do not you are out. I was never the club guy, I start clubs, I do not join them. I start clubs because when I think I can do something better, I just get about doing it. I am not motivated by praise or acceptance and I am not competitive in the modern sense of the word. I am very competitive if we use its 14th century Latin meaning derived from 'competere' - com: together + petere: strive ......... to strive together.

1610s, " to enter or be put in rivalry with," from Middle French compéter "be in rivalry with" (14c.), or directly from Late Latin competere "strive in common," in classical Latin "to come together, agree, to be qualified," later, "strive together," from com- "together" (see com-) + petere "to strive, seek, fall upon, rush at, attack" (see petition (n.)). 

Rare 17c., revived from late 18c. in sense "to strive (alongside another) for the attainment of something" and regarded early 19c. in Britain as a Scottish or American word. Market sense is from 1840s (perhaps a back-formation from competition); athletics sense attested by 1857.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Rashon Khan

Chief Advisory Officer 



Like many exceptional leaders, Rashon Khan demonstrated greatness, wisdom and his leadership qualities at a very young age.
He advised, protected and designed the nutrition and fitness training programs for more than two generations of Iconic Entertainment Personalities in the USA, including his uncle, actor, Flip Wilson, and actors Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy. He then went on to work with Academy Award winning actor, Jamie Foxx, to name a few.
As a teenager, Rashon was a Judo Instructor at the YMCA in Jersey City, New Jersey, and like Richard Branson, his first commercial venture was a very successful, free High School Newspaper called ANANSE, which he founded with his childhood friend, Ron Samuel. He studied Journalism and African Studies and then moved to Los Angeles and started his illustrious career in Hollywood.
Among other things, Rashon is a Master Drummer and accomplished Master Martial Artists  and has always demonstrated a deep love and appreciation for his African Roots. We are fortunate to have Rashon on our team. We look forward to him leading the way in building meaningful bridges between Africa and the World.

Abdoul Aziz Wane 

Chief Financial Officer 


Educated as an Engineer and Information Management and Technology Specialist, and later as a Risk Management professional, Mr. Wane is an entrepreneur with several years of varied professional and technical management expertise in the private sector and project management in international development institutions.
He possesses extensive and varied experience with the World Bank Group (including ICT investments department at the International Finance Corporation) and the private sector, crossing over to investment portfolio management and risk management.
Currently, Mr. Wane leads a private capital investment company that secures funding for its wholly owned or joint-venture projects/companies (real estate, gold, copper, iron ore mining including oil and gas) and provides Custom Global Trade Solutions to traders, Financial Intermediation, Private Banking and Wealth Management.
Previously, Mr. Wane was a lead software architect and manager of software development. His father is a retired commando, who attained the rank of General in the Senegalese Army.
 Simone Micheli

Architect - Urban Planning

External Partner







With offices in Milan, Florence, Dubai and Rabat, Morocco, Simone Micheli is a university contract professor for the University of Architecture in Florence & the Polytechnic of Design in Milan.  He offers full service design, architecture and communication services worldwide, with an internal press office with contacts with more than 3,000 journalists assuring global coverage of all Simone Micheli projects.
In addition to possessing a strong identity and image, his projects are both economically sustainable and environmentally friendly. He is a major player on the European scene and has completed many public administrations projects, master pieces for prestigious private clients and residential as well as entire community projects. He is published in many books, magazines and international trade journals. He exhibits regularly at the Biennale in Venice, Italy and has curated thematic exhibitions for the most important international Fairs. How Simone Micheli Creates Urban Vibes  Isuites, Rimini
Simone's wonderful wife, Roberta, is his business partner and they have two beautiful adopted sons, one from Columbia and the other from Ethiopia.
SOME RECENT AWARDS: The “Best Interior Design” and the “Best Apartment Italy” with the project “Golfo Gabella Lake Resort” for the developer Sist Group at Maccagno on Lago Maggiore, for the competition “Homes Overseas Award 2007” – London (International Award for the Best Residential Real Estate Developments in the World); the International Media Prize 2008 – Shenzhen (category “Annual public spaces grand award”), with the project New Urban Face for the province and municipality of Milan, Winner of the International Design Award 2008 – Los Angeles as “Interior Designer of the Year”.
 Colin Keith Roach  

Chief Efficiency Officer 

 will occupy this role


Born in Trinidad and educated as an Industrial Engineer, Colin is an expert in transforming traditional companies into Lean Cultures through classroom training in Toyota Production System and Lean Tools.  He will establish Lean Supply Chains and perform Supplier Performance Analysis not only for all our companies but companies with whom we provide investment capital.
He conducts evaluation and risk assessment of suppliers in cooperation with strategic sourcing. His expertise allows us to partner with suppliers to meet performance expectations with A3s utilising Toyota's 8 Steps Practical Problem Solving. 
As a late developer, we have the opportunity to implement all the latest methods and tools to give our development regions in Africa every opportunity to leapfrog the competition. He will also train a staff of young Engineers to implement these methods in the field.
He is very excited about making his contribution to the Rapid Economic Development of Africa and having an opportunity to live, travel and work on the continent that has always been a special passion of his.

Rev. Man/Woman of God  

Global Manager




You simply cannot undertake such a project without a Man of God in your midst. This person will come to us at the right time and he or she and his congregation will fill an important role in Italy and Europe relieving the Immigration Challenge Europe is undergoing. According to the Migration Policy Institute, the European countries are at their wits ends in dealing with the immigration issues so as foreigners in Europe, we will solve this problem ourselves, providing quite a bit of funding for our activities also. In fact according to the The Cologne Institute for Economic Research shelter, welfare and integration will cost Germany €22 billion in 2017 and €27.6 billion next year in 2018.
According to the Migration Policy Institute, Europe is facing its worst refugee crisis since the Second World War, with more than 1 million people applying for asylum in 2015 and again in 2016. As the systems that were designed to manage these flows are under intense pressure—not least the Common European Asylum System (CEAS)—the international community needs new ideas to manage mixed flows and create sustainable long-term solutions for refugees. To address these knowledge gaps, MPI Europe is investing in a series of research and data reports, commentaries, and multimedia primers to shed light on ongoing policy debates and offer innovative solutions.
Our religious community will step into this important role creating resettlement opportunities in many countries where our resettled immigrants arrive, trained, vetted, documented and ready to contribute to the new community. We understand the immigration problem better than anyone else does as our communities are comprised of people who had the exact experience themselves. Our work will therefore be to provide a comprehensive solution which takes all stakeholders into consideration. If we do not give people in desperate situations reasons to live, someone else may give them a reason to die.  


The future of life as we know it on Earth is in our hands!


Muhammad Ali

R.I.P.:  Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they have been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a challenge. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary.  IMPOSSIBLE  IS NOTHING !


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