Business is a Team Sport

The Whole is More Than the Sum of its Parts 


For the moment we are a group of individuals acting together for one purpose. We are still not a company officially registered in one jurisdiction or another and this will occur as soon as we are funded. We are a FOR-JOBS operation. FOR-JOBS implies FOR-PROFIT since if you do not turn a profit the operation will not be sustainable. Aliko Dangote, dizzie sqAfrica's Richest man, has more than 180,000 employees and reinvest all his profits into new businesses to provide even more jobs. We are simply following in the footsteps of Mr. Dangote and copying his business model. We are inspired by Mr. Dangote.

Business today is a global affair and the most successful companies are those that operate beyond borders. In fact, we do not view business as something that is conducted in an office, or in a building, a region or a state, but the constant reinvention of contacts and sound principles which allow us to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves globally. Recognising the fact that without funding, you do not go far in business, Ron Samuel has dedicated himself to networking with Financial Platforms, capable of raising funds into the billions - if and when necessary, so as a consequence, funding is generated through internal networks.

The core business of our operation is therefore funding, but one of our important activities will be seeking Mandates for ELECTRIFICATION in Africa and carrying them out through partners like ENEL GREEN POWER, the largest provider of Renewable Energy in the world. Thanks to our high level contacts at ENEL, an Italian multi-national and their partnership with TESLA, whose owner, Elon Musk (founder of Pay Pal), has developed batteries, that when combined with renewable Energy, will free the world of its dependancy on fossil fuel based energy generation.

Electrification is presently undergoing the same technological leap that society went through when there was the successful switch from the landline telephone to the mobile phone. The introduction of SMART GRIDS, pre-paid technology, and the elimination of the need to transport energy from distant sources via high tension cables are all contributing to this revolution of producing and consuming clean energy locally, inexpensively and quickly. A realistic oil alternative is here now.

Sheikh Yamani, Oil Minister of Saudi Arabia and former OPEC Secretary General, who bears an uncanny resemblance to ICE T, when asked about the future of oil as an energy source responded, "THE STONE AGE DID NOT END BECAUSE WE RAN OUT OF STONES".

We also fund projects for third parties or our own projects. In all projects we promote the training and the employment of refugee and persons at an economic disadvantage thereby using the little influence we have to promote our social objectives.

We do focus special attention on providing opportunities for groups who have been traditionally discriminated against such as young people (in Italy), women, refugees, and people of African decent anywhere in the Diaspora or on the African Continent. 



Once funded, our next focus is rolling out projects or funding others. This is where our team and our contacts come into play. Our two biggest assets, in fact, are our team and our contacts. Combined with our ability to raise funds, these elements allow us to operate in many different business sectors. Our ability to fund new operations gives us a strategic advantage, positioning us in such a way to respond quickly to opportunities and to create them for others.

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These world class partners provide the know-how and perform all the core task necessary - not only for success, but to compete among the best in Class Worldwide. Viewing us from the outside, we appear to be a Network Organisation, capable of rapidly expanding and contracting to take advantage of market conditions. Viewed internally we are a hybrid Matrix Organisation with our entire Team focused on our global objectives and with all members of our Team marching to the same drummer. This allows us to expand and contract rapidly to take advantage of opportunities, while obtaining our objective of clean, sustainable jobs that provide respectable income and professions to the persons who traditionally had limited viable opportunities.

Our Team members range in age from 21 to almost 70 and include men and women. If we include Gaia on our Team, and she regularly contributes to our work, then the age range is from 9 to almost 70. Our core group has about 15 persons right now coming from and/or living in eight different countries and speaking as many different languages. Almost half of the Team's members are women.  



Our major focus is on funding Projects which stimulate sustainable growth in Africa. Our funding activities are for Third Party Projects in some cases and for our own Projects in most cases.  We have six general business lines and these 'Lines work for Internal Clients and External Clients'. Our expertise lies in Fundraising, so we typically partner with other Companies  which already have expertise in a particular field of interest to us. Our criteria for selecting Projects is not only economic return since we view profits on a much broader horizon, mainly the impact on the lives of the surrounding community. So our two major functions service a variety of economic sectors. Our challenge is always to find a profitable way to do socially beneficial work. Profit is necessary as funding must be repaid.

We use a Matrix Organizational Structure featuring a group of highly skilled individuals. It is not important to us what people do when they join us, but how they do what they do. Most people can learn new skills but they cannot learn enthusiasm and optimism, necessary skills in our work. Recruiting is therefore an ongoing task and as I have travelled the world, I have always made a mental note of exceptional people, knowing that one day I would ask them to join my team. Our objectives favour Africa but in reality they are worldwide. We have a couple ambitious projects on the drawing board in Italy and regardless of where our team member are located geographically, we have a common goal and deploy resources to accomplish them.



It is rumoured that it took 30 days to get the approval and permits to do a $ 300,000,000 port expansion in Dubai. In Italy to get permits and approval for a simple renovation takes 6 months if all goes well. Then once work starts, the work can be stopped by the authorities for many different reasons. Now lets see what this means in terms of real impact on decision makers and on money. Let's assume we have a $ 100 million project in Tuscany that includes the purchase, renovation and marketing of a property. Lets assume that 100% of the project is funded through Project Finance at 3.5% for 20 years and that repayment starts in the 37th month.

Monthly payments will be in the range of $ 600,000 per month once payments begin in the 37th month. The 6 months I sit by idly waiting on the Italian authorities is costing the project $ 3.6 million. Obviously funding must be arranged before the project starts. So compared to Dubai, Italian mandolino speed is costing the project a net of $3 million before even starting. Compared to employing the same capital in Dubai, I have burned $ 3 million before getting out of the starting blocks. This is one of the many reasons that Italy does not attract FDI, Foreign Direct Investment and is relegated to a place that is only good for vacation, food and fashion. 

by Ron Samuel


The future of life as we know it on Earth is in our hands!


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