MONEY TRIBES: There are many different branches of Money Tribes and like all tribes, they have their own way of dressing, walking and talking. Remember, our job is not to judge but to be aware of the terrain. How can you be aware of the terrain if you do not know the tribes that occupy it? Our Money Tribe is a very important part of tribalmixing. Without them we will be just another group with pie in the sky ideas. Our money tribe unleashes our creativity and removes our limits. They render us infinite and limitless. In the state of mind of being limitless, we free our minds and focus on our objectives of job creation and improving the world. Knowing the ability of our Money Tribe, I can get a meeting with anyone and I can speak at dimensions that even the biggest skeptic will listen to me. It reminds me of a conversation I had in downtown Los Angeles with a couple of shop owners. I had just gotten back from Togo in West Africa and I was giving them some Togolese Jewelry to sell for me. I was telling the owner of the story of how I found the designer of the jewelry in the marketplace in Togo.

He started laughing and remarked, 'either you are the biggest liar in the world, or you have had the most amazing life that I have ever heard of, but either way, it does not matter, please finish your story'. So people take us seriously because of the dimension of our objectives; we will build a city, we will electrify a country, we will set up an aviation industry, we will provide homes and jobs for 10,000 refugees, when your objectives are huge, people have no choice but to listen to you. Remember that  'no one wants to be the guy that turned down the inventor of velcro.' 

Dream big. Activate your Money Tribe, then implement the Dream. It is really that simple.


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