Key Performance Indicators

KPIs: I think to this point I have made a fundamental error of attempting to accomplish the first KPI, that is, finding the seed capital – single handedly. As such I will publish the KPI’s in the hope that someone may suggest a solution to expedite the START-UP. If you have Crowd Funding skills contact us.

Short Term

To be accomplished by August 2020. Raise seed capita of € 1.6 - 2.5 million.

Medium Term

To be accomplished by October 2021. Build the seed and create a fund of € 100 million.

Financial JV Partner

This Partner generates the funding necessary to carry out the objectives.

Short Term Goal - Seed Capital

Without going into too many details, Seed Capital is what the very name implies. You plant a seed in order to grow a tree. To grow our Sustainable Funding Tree, or Money Mine, as a friend of mine calls it, we need a seed to start the process. I have calculated that that seed amount is between € 1.6 – € 2.5 million, a very small amount, relatively speaking.

Individuals do not own ideas. Ideas just exist in some dimension.

Some people simply tap into the idea while others don't.

Once you have tapped in, you become obsessed.

Obsession now becomes the driver to pursue the dream at all costs.

Children Refugees entered Eu
Abandoned Villages in Italy
Million Displaced People

Medium - Long Term

Without going into too many details, once we have the Seed Capital, we will buy a Special Purpose Vehicle in Switzerland, with SWIFT capabilities and other Financial configurations necessary for us to have the financial tools necessary to carry out our objectives.

Our Financial JV Partners will then come onboard and manage the fundraising aspects and assure that we are in compliance with the Fed and other appropriate entities

At this point we will have an autonomous structure capable of carrying out its Humanitarian Objectives.

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