Money and development

Ron Samuel started the adventure of learning to raise funds into the billions around 2009 when his daughter was three. While most of his friends were enjoying life in Tuscany, he was burning the midnight oil. Today is his daughter’s 13th birthday. The images below are from the Ron Samuel Collection titled, Afristocrats.

What is money

With the intention of bringing electricity to all Africans and receiving a $1 billion USD line of credit from the Chinese, Akon quickly realised that where development is concerned, $ 1 Billion is peanuts.

Early in the process of raising money for the development of infrastructure in Africa, Ron turned to gold mining in Ghana, West Africa. Malam, in the picture above was his spiritual advisor. The first day he arrived in Malam's Village near Wasa Akropong, the children in the village were both excited and afraid. His Mitsubishi, Montero was the first car the children had ever seen.

Malam turned out to be a great friend and a solid advisor. I have since lost touch with Malam but the next time I go to Ghana I will certainly go to look for him. The women on the right are Malam's sisters.

where is the money

Though it takes just a few words to answer these questions, it takes a much longer time to understand the underlying truths. The bank is not the place to look for real development funds.

Rules of the money game

Most people do not know the rules so you must humble yourself and find mentors to teach you the rules.

This Nyabinghi Drummer was at the celebration of what would have been Bob Marley's 50th Birthday. The celebration was held at 58 Hope Road in Kingston, Jamaica. Bob Marley's home and now the site of the Bob Marley Museum. I hope that his brother Richard will also send his jeep to the Museum. Last time I visited the Marley house in South Miami, it was just sitting in the yard.

Money: The Learning Curve

There is simply too much to learn so you must align yourself with like-minded partners. I's a marathon not a sprint.

Bobo young man photographed by Ron Samuel at the Bobo Compound. Bobo Ashanti is a religious group originating in Bull Bay 9 miles from Kingston, Jamaica. They cover their dreadlocks with turbans and wear long robes. They are are all strictly vegan and stick to the biblical restrictions regarding their vow.

The Bobo Ashanti were founded by Prince Emmanuel Charles Edwards in the 1950s. Its members, called "Bobos" or "Bobo dreads" and "Bobo Ashanti" because the Ashanti (Asante) was majority of African slaves in Jamaica.

Why Sustainable Funding

Infrastructure is simply the first step in the development of any economy. You cannot impact Infrastructure Development in a meaningful way if you do not have a Money Mine.

  • Experience: Align with experts with global know-how and reach - D O N E
  • Rapid Decision: Decisions must be made quickly or the job will not get done.
  • Bold undertaking: This is not for the timid or the shy so if you do not control the money you will get fired, like Steve Jobs.

When To Get Started

It is quite clear that there are powerful interest who benefits from the status quo in Africa as far as its development is concerned. We will start anyway so that when the objectives change to real development, we can hit the ground running.

  • Team: Recruit Key Players. W.I.P.
  • Business Model: Put it in place and tweak it. W.I.P.
  • Raise the Seed Capital: This has proven to be the biggest challenge. W.I.P.
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