Who Are We?

Strategic Team

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

A serial entrepreneur with fashion photography roots, Ron simply believes that people can change the world. He has spent the past 10 years working on the finance piece of the operation.

Ron Samuel

Founder - CEO

Team Members

Simone Micheli

Our Architectect, Urban Planner. Style Master.

Abdoul Wane

Our C.F.O. with World Bank experience. Very experienced in the areas concerning instruments and their usages.

Rashon Khan

 Our Advisor: Advisor, Security, Health and Nutrition to stars like Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx,  Flip Wilson,  Richard Pryor and others.

Aissatou Diallo

Chief Family Officer
Everything we do impacts families, so Aissatou, herself a victim of FGM, make sures that everything we do, is mindful of this core value.

Rasha Khan

C.F.O. in Training

Brand strategy

Head Legal

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